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Saturday, May 26, 2012

You Can Trust Him


I was all over the place with this one today!  I woke up with this idea.... and this is what is actually in my journal:

I was thinking about the scripture that says "except we come as little children"  and I was thinking how children just have a natural, built in trust... their daddy says "Jump, I'll catch you!"  ... and they do! laughing all the way!   BUT, when I actually read the scripture  IN CONTEXT...the characteristic he is describing is being HUMBLE, not trusting, so I couldn't use that scripture!  So, I scanned it into PSE and moved the parts around to get the top picture :-/

As I was writing the above I was thinking about why it is so hard to trust GOD... and I got this idea... hard to see I know....

She is thinking about the fact that her dad didn't catch her like he promised...she is in a leg and arm cast.  Her mom is saying "I hope you learned your lesson -  You can't trust ANY MAN, even your father"  And NO!  I'm not remembering my own past, I just had to go with what I had already drawn!  But, if I had had more room I might have added more broken heart memories.  

MAN!  What a negative direction this took!  But, the point is, you have to ignore those thoughts and memories that satan will fill your head with and just take that first step of faith and trust God to be there to catch you.  And he will.... 

Again, everything was drawn once then played with with PSE.  

pencil, rollerball pen and eraser

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