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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Our Little Secret....

OK, so do you remember the Freebie I offered several days ago?  I have a little confession to make about it...

When I started drawing all those flowers I figured out that I wasn't having any fun doing it!!!  So, I decided to draw several different flowers, and flower parts, scan them and then just paste them onto the "frame" of the drawing.... WAAAAAYYY faster!  That's why I create fonts, I like fast as much as I like doodling.  

I created nine separate parts, I deleted all the backgrounds of each then saved each part as a separate .png file

Now I can combine all the parts anyway I want to and re-size each as well

So, today I decided to do a picture that was 100% computer, and this is what I got, using my flower parts and my MFH Dashes and Dots Doodle Font:

See the pieces?

Anyway, I have another freebie for you today:

Remember, it is just a jump-start for you, add your own doodles and color it anyway you want.  I would love to see what you do!  Just leave a comment with the link.

Hope you enjoy!



  1. I just love what you do!!....thanks for sharing the freebies with us. Any chance you might sell your pngs as a kit? would be great at making doodle kits for us "challenged" doodlers!!..blessings to you Nancy....

  2. Hey Melodie! Sure I can! Let me think about what/how/how much. I actually like these better than "digital stamps" (I used to make those) Digis are lines only but for these "doodles" I leave the inside solid (white) so that one can overlay another without lines showing through.
    Thanks for asking!



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