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Thursday, June 21, 2012


Today's book is Obadiah.  I had to give all the "end times and wrath of God on his chosen" a rest!  I was finding myself getting REALLY DOWN!

Yesterday (Wed) I did Jonah, because it was easy, I needed that kind of day. The AWESOME part of Jonah is that even though it is short it is FULL of life lessons!  One that actually brought me out of my funk.  I might as well be honest here, I really haven't been holding much hope for America because most folks have turned their backs on God...and that NEVER turns out well!  But, read the book of Jonah and see that God had every intention of "taking Nineveh OUT"  but, once warned, they immediately repented, fasted and prayed...and God changed his mind!!!....and they had never been a "Godly" nation!  There is hope for America!... even if I am the only person I know fasting a praying for the future of America I have got to give it a shot....though I would really love some help...hint hint.

OK, so back to Obadiah....
I figure since the Bible isn't in any kind of order, that MY brain can work with, I can read it out of order... I'm not trying to insult the guys that put it together, I know they were God led, I just get so confused sometimes.... Like Jonah was a prophet YEARS before Isaiah but Isaiah comes first in the Bible ???!!! ... I get it, the whole Major/Minor Prophet sort, its just that MY brain struggles with that.

OK! OK! Obadiah.  I THINK I have decided to show the "who/what/when/where" over to the left...(did this time anyway).  And, because of the whole "which came first" issue described above, I decided to add a time line, Adam - the fall of Judah and Jerusalem.  I also decided to start adding the map because I want to SEE where things happen.  I need to add more, like WHY God is so upset with Edom but I had to run out to do a little the meantime...

Please note the "As you have done, it will be done to you" part .... sowing and reaping, sowing and reaping.... its one of those laws, kinda like gravity

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