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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

QUICK Pictures

Yesterday I was watching Kay Arthur and Joel Rosenberg on end times and of course they quoted a verse in Daniel so I pulled my Bible out to read Daniel, from the beginning of course.  As I was reading I realized that it is an awesome book to has lots of visuals.  But, my goal now is to actually study the Word more than "draw" like I did the book of James.  I don't want to get bogged down in the drawing.  My goal in James was to draw every single verse....not so with Daniel, I just want to highlight the stories so that I can look at my notes and see at a glance what happened.... Daniel fasted, Daniel interpreted Nebuchadnezzar dream, S, M, A refused to bow to the statue and got thrown into the furnace...etc...That is one "want"... to draw the highlights.

Another "want" was to put it in a bound book.  Hummmm, how to do that jumping around like I do?! So, here you go... I printed out a bunch of sheets, front and back, with a light graph paper and center lines to keep myself "corralled".  Then I started stitching.  I stitched about 10 pages together with a piece of cardstock as the cover.  Now I have a bunch of little booklets that are 8.5"x5.5" with labels of each book.

The idea is to later take each little booklet and treat them like signatures in a hard bound book and I'll stitch them together and make them into a hardbound book.

Here is my start on Daniel:

Just FYI the colors around the sections are indicating a new king's rule.

OH!  Yes, of course I could have just bought graph paper but my new thing to do is USE WHAT I HAVE!

Speaking of that... I just want to document this date (on Monday June 18th) I FINISHED a whole thing of bologna.  (not all at once! over last week)  I have never, in my life finished a whole thing of bologna!!!  I don't love it, but its just so easy to throw a sandwich together so I would buy it...and end up throwing the majority away because it went bad.  That's all, I was just so proud of myself. :-)

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  1. You just blow me are my inspiration.



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