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Saturday, June 23, 2012


Just sitting here at my computer watching "Next Food Network Star" online while pinning on Pinterest.  There was the cutest ink drawing done by a guy from Germany.  LOVE!  Cute, scraggly, little dog so I decided to see if I could draw it.  I did, knowing that I couldn't post it here even though I colored my dog blue and it really was different, but probably shouldn't ...I just put a little version so you could see what I'm talking about.  I did both drawings with an Ultrafine Sharpie so I was committed to every line and could only cover up mistakes with more, after I finished the drawing of the dog (pre-blue) it looked like it could be a raccoon with some changes, so I started over...hence the raccoon. 

After I finished the whole drawing and was about to work on this post I realized that I really did need to add a dog bowl in front of him so the "What?" made more sense. I drew the bowl on a different piece of paper and did that PSE magic to put it in front.

Raccoon are so funny!  You can not scare them!  They just look up at you like "WHAT?!  You are bothering me here."  Mine really has too much shame, they don't feel shame!

Hummm, I didn't realize that more than one raccoon is still raccoon, no "s".....never knew that!

Added the next day....
When I went downstairs last night there was a huge raccoon on my back deck in search of food :-).

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