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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Relax, Your Day's Coming!

It seems I spend a lot of my non-"God-thinking"-time thinking about what I'm not "DOing" for the Lord...or of all the wasted years of not "DOing"... or, I'm not DOing enough.    Yes, I'll admit it I want to be a God Pleaser .... (I know, I know, He is pleased by our faith in Him ...Hebrews 11:6 ...but DOing is easier :-) yes?)   Sitting on a shelf is HARD, HARD for me! (ou! I see a picture there)

But one day last year, as always, He answered my anxiety in His Word with the following revelation:

I actually posted this picture on my other blog last year but it was tucked away at the bottom of a full-of-other- things post and I don't think anyone even noticed it. But, I personally, think the message is too important to hide!  

RELAX! You have a purpose and when the time is right you will be right where you need to be.... if that is your, if you are in rebellion, I don't know, ??? that MIGHT delay your purpose ???

OU!  Just thought of another one.... Noah was 600 years old when he entered the ark!!!  Heck, even Jesus had to wait!  He was chomping at the bit at 11 to get started but he had to wait 19 more years!

Well heck!  Might as well make a Freebie out of the idea.... (man I LOVE my new TTF...I can just throw these things together!...I actually used both of them for this one)

Again, RELAX, BE STILL and JUST WAIT! (preaching to myself here, can you tell?)

OH!  One more thing... notice the ONE window on the ark?  I had them all the way across the boat then re-read the passage and it only hand ONE WINDOW!!!  OH MY GOODNESS!  I hope it was bigger than the one I show...think how dark it must have been while it was raining 24/7!  In there with all those stinky animals and its dark....hummmm..... how can I complain...about anything?!


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