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Thursday, July 19, 2012


If you have been around for a while you have probably figured out that one of my favorite fonts to use is like this one, big and chunky.  When I use it I just start drawing because I know what a letter looks like I just make it big and fat and overlap it over the next letter... it just comes naturally for me.  HOWEVER, what doesn't come naturally is spacing!  I rarely, if ever, end up with things all lined up the way I like them.... Funny, I like big/bold messy, but I want it lined up!  

So, this morning I woke up around 3:30 AM and decided to create a TTFont like the one I hand draw all the time...and make it automatically overlap for me.... and that's what I used on today's doodle.  Thing is, I still did a lot of handwork because even though it overlaps, when you add an outline it shows up for all letters, even what should be "hidden" behind the previous letter....shoot.

Once I had it spaced I printed the above out without any outline, then hand outlined, it still has that hand doodle feel to it because I made mistakes and didn't try to cover them up.  I also hand painted the red letters (causing the paper to buckle some).

OH!  The first time I printed it out I did it without the black shadow and realized real quick that it was dumb to sit there and add the shadow so I came back up here... duplicated the text, changed the copy to all black and positioned it to be behind and slightly offset, then all that was necessary was to add the outline to the overlapping portions of the letters.  DONE!

Of course, the scripture speaks for itself.... I might have to frame it!  Actually, maybe I'll make it into cards, folks can always use this kind of encouragement!  Hummmm.... since I'm trying to sell something on every post I think I'll do that....

And would you believe that I figured out how to outline the letters with the software so now it looks like this, with lots fewer "mistakes".  THIS is the image I will use for the cards... only 300 DPI instead of the low DPI shown here....

4.25"x5.5" card only $2.00 ea. (S/H incl. US only)


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