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Monday, July 30, 2012


I came to that conclusion one day when I was wondering why folks get healed instantly at a Benny Hinn Meeting  and not in a regular church service.  If you have ever been to a meeting you know that it happens regardless of what he is doing or saying...he doesn't even touch anyone!  The healing has already taken place BEFORE they go up on stage, they are just up there to say what has already happened!

So, what was different?  And the thing I got was that people GO EXPECTING a miracle, at the Benny Hinn Meeting and maybe not so much at church.  Same God/ same faith in God, and we all know that it isn't Benny Hinn that heals, it is GOD, BUT  they're expectations are different.  Right?

Another thing is that you tend to voice out loud what you expect to happen...and we all know that YOU GET WHAT YOU SAY!

The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit. (Proverbs 18:21)

 "Well, it's Spring, that means I'll catch a cold, I always do, every spring".... AND YOU DO, because you expect it and you said so!

Well, I have been in a frump lately and it is time to GET OVER IT!!!  You get what you expect so I am going to start EXPECTING something good to happen to me EVERY DAY!!!  I'm going to LIVE WITH EXPECTANCY .... and I'm going to document at least one something every day!

I realized yesterday that it had been exactly one year since my "Verse-A-Day" challenge began.... I didn't do so great since there are only 75 verses on the list...BUT, I did do some form of doodle and/or other something every day so I'm not gonna fuss at myself too much.

ANYWAY, I am starting the new challenge today of documenting something GOOD that happens every single day.  I'm not certain what that will look like we shall see, after I get my first few things to document. 

 Join me, EXPECT God to do something special for you today!

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