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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Morning Will Come ... Help Is On the Way!

Yesterday I pinned this picture on pinterest based on Isaiah 41:13... For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, "Fear not; I will help thee."...I really loved the button on the bottom that said "Help is on the way."  LOVE LOVE THAT!!!  Wanted one... and then suddenly I realized I had all that I needed here to make a charm like it!  So, I went about making it happen.

Let me explain the rubber band.... A few years ago I worked for a man that made me mad every time I looked at him (almost) and I decided that I needed something to help me to remember to keep my big mouth closed and not say what I wanted to about, and to, him...So I wore a rubber band on my arm that I could use pop myself with to keep from saying what I wanted to.  I put a charm with this picture on it :   

(Everybody in the office got one and wore them too!!! because we all had the same issues :-) ... and it really did work!... Though I will say that sometimes it was worth the pop to get it out and said!

So, this time, I am wearing a rubber band to pop myself with when I am tempted into doubt and unbelief... and I can read "Help is on the way".... because THAT is the truth!

Need one?

To sell:
 Choice of three charms: "Help is on the way", "Don't Say It! (text only), "Don't Say It" (PICTURE ONLY)
Choice of Charms $3.00 (S/H incl. USA Only)

Choice of Charm

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