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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Today's Doodles

Today's doodles....

Just a quick sketch of a little girl ballerina I pinned today on Pinterest:

Tonight I was creating something else in PSE and liked the brush I was using so I did a quick background with it and then added the words... it might have taken 2-3 minutes. ??? Don't look for the brush, it wasn't that exciting after all, this is a cropped piece of the whole picture so most of the design of the brush was cut off.

Well, I might as well show you what I was working on.... Actually it was a test to see if I could make something work.  I wanted to created a background that I could use for a little story I'm writing about a group of bees.  I had the two girl bees already so I put them on a layer to see how it would look.... The goal is to use the background as a constant and just change what's going on in the foreground... Ever learning :-)

No, I didn't just play all day.... it was actually a day spent being passed around from person to person on the phone...ugh!  I'm telling you, my SUDDENLY IS JUST A MOMENT AWAY!!!!  I'm living in the "darkest before the dawn" place right now and I am READY TO MOVE ON!!!  ANY DAY NOW!!!

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