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Monday, July 23, 2012

Use the Tools!

Have you ever had a "WELL DER" moment?  I just had one!

I have spent the last two years stumbling my way through all this digital stuff, teaching myself one step at a time.  I could probably take a single class and learn everything I've learned the hard way!  It is AMAZING what software will do for you!

Today's DER!....  

I have been "pinning" pictures with different color combinations I like for a while now.... Just because I like them, not thinking I could actually USE them!  (feeling so stupid!) Well today, I had another "wonder if???" I opened up one of those pictures in one window and used the eyedropper tool in CorelDraw to choose a color from the picture.  WELL  YEAH!  The beauty of CorelDraw is that you can hold your mouse over one of the colors in a pallet and it will give you 56 versions of that color!  So, that's what I did... I used the eyedropper to add a color from the photo to my CD pallet and made that one layer of each word, then I got a variation of that color to use as the shadow!  EASY! EASY!  MAN!

To Sell:
300 DPI .jpg file ready for printing two cards at once, just print, cut and fold! Or, just cut it apart and frame it!  Print as many as you want, just don't resell the file please and not for commercial use :-)

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