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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I CAN DO All Things ...

Well, I've had "one of THOSE days!"  you know the kind..... "I think I'll just sit here and cry a bit to get all the frustration and hurt OUT"!  And it was over such a stupid thing!  

My printer has been out of commission for almost TWO WEEKS NOW! That in itself will make you crazy!  But you know what, God helped me out.  When I called Kodak to ask for a new print head (I know what to ask for because that is their answer to all issues while the printer is under warranty.  I know this because this would be my THIRD in a year.  But, this time, now that it is OUT of warranty they said it was the printer I would need a new one...for a "special price"!!!!  Helllooooo.  NO!  So, they sent me another print head because it had been less than two months since the last one.  I got it last Friday, and guess what...they were was the printer!!!  I called again last Friday night all ready to do war over the "band-aid" fixes over the last year, I should NOT have to PAY for a printer!  I could not believe it, I didn't even have to go there, they just offered to send a new (refurbished) one ASAP.  THANK YOU LORD!!!

So, I got my "new" printer early this morning and it DIDN'T WORK!!! I called Kodak again (easy enough since I now have the number stored in my phone)... I spent TWO HOURS (of my cell phone minutes!) trying to get it to work, all to no avail!!!  I would need to find my user name and password to my local network!!!  HUH?  Are you kidding me???  I finally gave up at 2:30pm because I was hungry...for some real meat, kinda tired of bologna.  I called a couple of friends to go to lunch and naturally they had already eaten (2:30 remember) was at that point I sat on my sofa and cried.... but only for 1 minute cause who has time for that when you are hungry?!!  And yes, I ate bologna again :-(

Anyway, anyway, I prayed about the whole printer problem and asked the Lord to help me make it work, I just couldn't face another hour talking to India, I DON'T SPEAK INDIAN!...and they struggle with Southern....that, and I still didn't know my id and password so they "couldn't help me" !

I started clicking, hunting, pecking and reading EVERY Error Message built into my computer... all basically saying "THIS AIN'T WORKN' GIVE UP!"  Seriously, I never got any feeling that I was headed in the right direction but guess what!  IT WORKS NOW!!! (without a password)   THANK YOU LORD!!!  YES!!! I CAN do all things through Christ! Nope, probably couldn't do it again because I don't know what I did, but I now have a working printer again so all is right in my little office again.  


I don't have a drawing for today .... been printer fixin' ... but I did create a new font yesterday (my uppercase handwriting):

Speaking of it... Have you noticed the new "My FONT Store" in the top menu?  OK, it's not really a "store" just another blog page but I do have it working so that you can add more than one font to a basket instead of paying for one at a time.  There are actually FIVE fonts there now, plus one Freebie so if you haven't seen them please click on the top menu button or HERE.

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