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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Proverbs 3: 5-6

I really don't have time to doodle today, and no ink in my printer so today it is 100% PC, sorry....but I wanted to do something with a "Trust" scripture, so....

See why I love my hand doodle fonts?!  Great for "no time today" days :-)

OH!  I mentioned yesterday that I had cut my composition book in half and the plan was to stitch cardstock .... here ya go... nope, not exactly half and half....I measured wrong .... oh well....

I have a heavy duty paper cutter so I was able to cut it myself but I would image that Kinkos would cut it for you.  Actually, I would ask them to cut more than one at a time (stacked) so that you only have to pay for one cut.  They have the kind of cutters that will cut through at least a ream of paper at a time so there shouldn't be a problem.  Heck, my manual cutter went through it like butter so their monster machine would have no problem.

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