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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Voice UK, Pinterest and Doodles

Just some things I doodled last night while watching "The Voice UK" on You Tube.  I LOVE "The Voice"!  And I love that the UK version  happened in March/April so the whole thing is ready for watching, problem is, I want to watch them all at once! ... not easy when they are 1.5 hours each!!!  YOUCH!    

Have you guys noticed that the limits on YouTube have changed?  A year ago they couldn't be more than 10 minutes long...but now you can watch whole shows at a one watch (commercial free!  YES!)

While I was watching the show I was also looking through Pinterest and chose one of the pictures on my "God Tangle Doodle" board to doodle ... that's one reason I "pin". 

I LOVE doing frames.  I don't have anything to say within them yet, but they are ready when I have something later.  Love that!

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