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Saturday, September 8, 2012

THE Doodle Starter Book (Page 1)

One of the major fears with starting a "doodle" is that great big white page so I decided to create a "doodle starter page".  All I have to do is fill in the blank with all those great sayings I find on Pinterest, or put Scriptures on a topic, like "Trust", "Love", whatever.  I did another one about a month ago on "Trust" but I can't find it!  

Even though its a "fill-in-the-blank" I tend to add more to it, like shadows, more details to the flowers, just whatever comes to mind.  I also go back over all the lines to make them all darker since my printer seems to print them lighter than I like.

I made it to look like grid paper because I LOVE doodling on grid paper.... I buy the grid composition books to play on and to tape the little bits and pieces of doodling I do here at my computer.  

I just like that look..... but, now that I see it here I think I'll go back to all the pages I did like this and put "frames" around each glued bit to make it look more planned.

I think I'll keep making different doodle starter pages so that it creates a THE Doodle Starter Book!  This is page one of more :-) Hummmmm....maybe I'll make that a challenge for myself.... a page a week maybe?

You too can have a blank page 1 of "THE Doodle Starter Book" for only $1.50:

I will email the file as soon as I get the email from PayPal. Hopefully within 24 hours...much sooner if possible.

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