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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Putting a Bunch of Pieces Together.

I know, today's "multi-media doodle" isn't really a "doodle" it is really just a mish-mash of parts I had lying around and decided to put together!... but, that's how my doodles are too, so I think I can call it a "doodle".

The canvas board was one I painted months ago and didn't love, but I knew I would eventually repaint it or do something with it.  

The stem was a test.... what would it look like if I sprayed half a black wire white then twisted the two ends together?  

Then the leaves were from me playing around with thin wire and washi tape.  

The pink felt parts of the flower were leftovers from an order of 500 pins I made early in the year.  

The polka dot center is made from one of the little acrylic domes they sell now that have sticky backs.  I stuck that down on the washi tape, cut the circle, then glue the whole thing down on the flower.  

DONE!  It actually turned out pretty cute (easier for me to see the original than you can with this scan).  

Thankfully the flower can be manipulated to stand out more and not cover up the word "Whoever".... it got smashed flat on the scanner.

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