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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Catching Up!

Oh Gosh!  I just realized that it has been over two weeks since my last post!  BAD BLOGGER!!!   But, but, I have such good excuses!  I just got accepted into a large Festival on the 20-21 of October and I have to get ready!  Right now, if I sold everything I have to sell I wouldn't make the costs back :-(

I've done some new painting and such, I just haven't posted them here.  I even made myself a 8.5" x 5.5" Doodle Starter booklet so that I can now just write the sayings I like on Pinterest into framed areas, .... and they will actually be part of something, not just a random sheet of paper.  It is a good way to practice letters and I can doodle on it too.  The plan is to just leave it here by my PC and doodle into it when the mood strikes.  Here is a page...  

I'm bummed out though, there is a blue grid behind all the pictures that you can't see :-( ... I had to get a new printer/scanner and I don't know how to control the scanner!  It is MUCH clearer than the old one, but where's the background??? :-(

One thing about the picture...see the three girls in the middle?  that was my "need to remember this look" version of THIS on pinterest done by Susan Faye.  I LOVE HER STYLE!  Sooo simple, but CUTE!

OK, so early this morning I saw something on pinterest that I wanted to repeat...if you link to it you will see's just the side (3D part) of the letter "g".  I spent the next half hour figuring out a "g" that came close, then went about making the same "look".  Once I figured it out I decided to make a whole font set from it ... in case I actually get orders for it at the festival:

I know I've seen  one "out there" that exist already but I didn't feel like searching for it so I made it myself, and  its mine!

Here is what I did really quickly so I could have SOMETHING to blog about! (because I had forgotten about the booklet I made)

I wish I could show you what I made from it this morning.  I cut my initials out of shiny black vinyl on my vinyl cutter then stuck them down on a flat black board. ... very pretty!  I think anyway :-)  Thing is, black on black doesn't scan so you'll just have to take my word for it.

I did the same black on black with the phone booth from Dr. Who because I thought it might make a good  guy gift ??? .... always needing a good guy gift.

Well, speaking of it, I need to get back to work!  I'll take pictures of things I end up making.  Like I just decided to make some beer bottles filled with candy, good for the person that has everything... (I did these for Valentines day last year)

and I'm going to embroider toilet paper :-)  


  1. Congratulation and best wishes on your festival! Love your font work!

    1. Hey! Thanks Adriann! The hardest part of it all is to stay focused! I keep thinking of things I'd rather be doing than getting stuff made :-(

  2. I LOVE the idea of the doodle pad and yours is so cute! I've been tossing around a similar idea based on the "Project Life" notebooks. Thanks for sharing, Nan

    1. Hi NanE,
      I woke up this morning thinking I need to do a quick video of where my little book is now...still not complete but much further along. I LOVE IT!!! It makes me happy just flipping through the pages. Keep a watch out for it, any day now.
      THANKS FOR STOPPING BY and staying long enough to comment! Please, come back....NEB



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