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Friday, November 2, 2012

See How It Grows.

Tonight I am listening to my Kindle read the third book of "The Hunger Games" my hands are free to draw.  I've listened to the whole book today, I like that better than actual reading because ... well... my hands are free!  My hands like to stay busy and there's not much you can do while actually "READING" a book, ya know?

I thought I would show you a couple of the frames from my doodle book that I finished tonight...  I know they are "finished" because there is no more blank space to fill... I may color them later, maybe, time will tell...

The next one just kept growing.  I had no clue where I was going when I started.

It started with the curtain rod on the top, then the curtains just grew.  I should have looked for an example but I didn't bother so the folds don't really look real ... should have found an example!

Then I decided to put a bookshelf and found some shelves on one of my pins....and then the girl sitting on the window seat (another pin, one of the girl sitting on a bed...and you can see all of her, mine is partially hidden behind the curtain) ... So, all total I was able to pull inspiration from three different pins.  Seeeeeee.... it's IMPORTANT that I sit and scour over pinterest!  It keeps me creative! 

And here this one is, in context... still plenty to be done on the page... not too sure what yet ???

I really do recommend this little exercise if you are intimidated by doodling!  It is great practice!  Another thing I really like about it is that I tend to get bored really quickly so doing it this way allows me to jump around from page to page and do little bits and pieces here and there without the stress of having to FINISH IT!  I'm not sure why but Finishing things has always been an issue for me!  My whole life I will leave projects half done.... heck, I will even leave ONE DISH in the sink when washing them!  WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?! ???

Here ya go, an example of jumping around... Yesterday I mentioned I wasn't crazy about the frame with the big smile, there was too much white space, so today I decided to make it a cloud

I also finished putting the dots on the wire frame and put some bushes behind the chickens... that one will definitely get more of something ... when I figure it out.

OH! Here's a couple other things I did today...I have another small craft show coming up next week so I'm back at all that again.  I have plenty left from last week but you can never have too much right?
This was today's scripture on Bible Gateway ... one of my favorites "I WAS CHOSEN" so I wanted to do it...

It's a bit deceptive because the one on the left is 8"x10" the one on the right is 4"x4". :-)


  1. Just wanted to touch base and let you know that I thoroughly enjoy your blog posts and all your sketches and doodles! You always lift my spirits.

    1. Hey sweet lady! Love it when you stop by and comment! For some reason nothing that you pin shows up it the list of pins so unless I am on Pinterest when you do, I don't know that you have! I HATE THAT! It is just so weird that some pins do show up, some don't and yours don't.... so please, say hi when you have time!



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