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Monday, November 19, 2012


OK, I'm back.... I have really had a hard time acting like "this is just another day".  The election results have about messed me up!  How in the world do I go about thinking and doing like I did before the election???  

YES, I KNOW "God is still in control"

.... But THAT is exactly what unnerves me!  We are about to see God's JUDGEMENT on this nation like never before!  All you have to do is read the Old Testament to know that when a nation  rejects Him and is disobedient THERE IS A PRICE TO PAY!!!  and I'm afraid that 

"we got the king we deserve".

So, with all that in mind, I have a new urgency to get as much of the Word down in my heart as possible!

One of the things that disturbs me a little bit about Pinterest is that lots and lots of people pin the "feel good" scriptures.  On the surface that seems like a great thing.... get that WORD out there!  BUT...thing is, a lot of the time that is all people ever read... the "feel good" scriptures!  So they don't really know God at all, they only know the "Gift Giver" side, not the "correction/judgement" side.  It really amazes me the "church going" people that can quote SOME of the Word but are CLUELESS about what the REST of the Bible says!


One of the things I planned to do in 2013 was read the Bible through again, but this time draw as I go.  But, I suddenly feel an urgency to START NOW!  There is no time to waste, I have to get focused!

So, I have created a new journal for myself

I found a 1 year reading plan that says if you read 3 chapters a day and 5 chapters on Sunday you can read the Bible through in a year.  In all honesty, I've never actually been able to "stick with it" doing it that way.  When I go that slow I tend to go into "study" mode instead of "reading" mode.  I know, study is a good thing... but I never get out of Genesis!  I need to read faster if I ever hope to get through cover to cover.... that's why I read my first "week" this weekend.

One thing I MIGHT do though is skip around.... and I can do that with the way I set the journal up.  There are 52 pages (times 2 if you count the blank page) with 23 chapters per page.  I put a column for the date read, on listing the chapters to read in a day then a column to put a sentence about what happened in the chapter. (not enough space!)  

The right side is completely blank... ready for whatever happens.  If I decide to read Luke this week I can, BUT I have to complete at least one "page of chapters" a week and have EVERYTHING done by the end of 2013 (sooner I hope)
Here you go... week one ... can you "read it"?

There is A LOT that happens in Genesis Chapters 1 - 23!!  I have a feeling that there will be some pages that are FULL of pictures, like this one, but other's may just be key scriptures...because not all scriptures bring a picture to mind.  Who knows....we shall see!


  1. Oh Nancy, I love, love, love this idea! And I am right there with you on the election, I just don't understand how so many intelligent, hardworking people can continue to fall for this agenda. :=(

    1. Hi NanE,

      I love the idea too! I just hope I hang with it because I REALLY want the final product! Honestly, NanE I will never believe that he actually won by "real" would be too easy to make those numbers up with software... HECK! Micky and Minnie voted for him last time! No telling who/what was done on this one. BUT, even at that, the EXACT person that GOD wanted there is there.... I'm telling ya, just like in the Old Testament He said... "You want a king? You got it! live with the circumstances of it" (my paraphrase of course:-)

    2. That's MICK E Y ... forgot to sing it while typing it.

  2. I love your fervor for the Lord and His whole Truth. I love that you love His Word. I love that you feel an urgency about our purpose on the planet. I love how you spur others on to good works. I love how you encourage me. I love your drawings. And you.

    1. Hi Ann,

      THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the LOVE!!! It is so good to know that someone out there doesn't think I'm nuts.... I feel like Chicken Little sometimes but sometimes it just has to be said, ya know?

      BTW, I LOVE Zentangles! And congratulations on your first class!...and all the future work you seem to be getting from it! YOU GO GIRL!

  3. I just pinned your Feel Good Scriptures doodle. You are so right about America's judgement. This is the first time since I've been old enough to vote that I did not vote for our president. His will be done. Your journal is awesome! I plan to start a prayer journal for 2013. I've stepped up my bible studies too! We are definitely in the End Times. Thank you for your boldness in spreading His word.

  4. Hi Adriann! Sorry for the slow response! I have been out of pocket and just noticed your comment! Thanks so much for your kind words, it is just so much fun to meditate on the Word and see what ideas come out. My next page has some "cute" stuff that makes me smile. Glad to hear you are going to give it a go next year. I promise you'll love it....and I'd LOVE to see it!

  5. I just want to say how much I love your site! I have just started doodling through the Bible and started searching out others who are doodlers as well. I have had so much fun looking through all your wonderful pictures and am now following some of your boards on Pinterest. Thank you for the inspiration!



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