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Thursday, December 13, 2012

How Many Mistakes Can You Make On One Picture!?

As easy as the last watercolor was, this was that hard!  Every single thing screwed up!  But the good news is it was an excellant exercise in "how do I fix that?!"   Good exercise!

The really amazing thing is that even though it was a watercolor I was able to fix most of the problems.
I really wish I would have taken pictures of each problem because it was a MESS!

Lessons learned: ( I just made solutions up as I went hoping they would work!  no clue how to really do it!

- if you are going to use watercolors you really should use watercolor paper!  I was just "playing" so I  drew it on the back of a messed up piece of Drawing paper.  That works "ok" if no mistakes are made, but it started to wear thin the more I worked on mistakes.

The way I fixed most of the mistakes was to just add lots of water and hopefully it will pull the paint out and spread, I also blotted with a tissue... HAVE A TISSUE CLOSE!

Even though 95% is actual watercolor I fixed a lot of the problems with color a WHITE pencil was wonderful!  I was able to color over the misshapped eyebrows with the white.

The one thing I didn't fix very well was the colored cheeks.  When I first put the color on it was a DEEEEEP red!  shocking!  Panic!  Thankfully most of it washed off but the paper started to roll up and get thin so I stopped before I made a hole in the paper.  Its good enough for what it is though... the back side of another mess I made with a pen!

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