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Friday, December 7, 2012

She's "THAT" Girl

You know the one....hopefully we all know at least one.... She's the one who is always smiling and happy. (even when you give her REALLY BAD directions to meet you somewhere!)   The one that loves everybody and everybody loves her.  The one you wish you were like.  She's the NUT that will take on any request of help ... even the request to be a dancing box in the Christmas production. 

If you go to Mount Paran Church of God in Atlanta, you know her.

Take a bow please.... 
This year's DANCING BOX!!!  (we think)
Ms. Carol Evans! 

We all love you Carol ...

Added 12/09/12:
She sent me a picture of her trying on her box ....

See what I mean?  That is her face...ALL THE TIME!

Question..... does the placement of those dots make anyone else as crazy as it makes me???  I just want to reach in and move that one large dot down!

You can't tell from the picture but the dots are glittered.  That was MY job....make some dots with glitter (I didn't put them on the box though).

All I did was use my vinyl cutter and before I weeded out the background I sprayed it with glue.... now THAT was a good time!  I didn't realize the tip had some dried up glue blocking the nozzle so the first shot came back at me!  Glue ALL over my shirt, and IN MY HAIR!!!... but I kept moving so everything that was glue on me soon became glitter on me!  I sparkled!

After adding the glue I peeled the STICKY "non-dots" background away leaving just the dots, then I poured on the waste that way.  The dots were then ready to just peel off the paper and slap onto the box.  Quick and easy.

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