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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Since Thanksgiving...More Journal frames.

Hi All! 

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone since last I checked in.... I hope everyone had a wonderful day. I sure did. I got together with a friend and her family. We have been friends for 35 years but I haven't seen her kids in about 15 years so it was good to see them all again. 

Another fun thing about the day was we went to an auction and I bought an iPad!!!  YES!!!   That wasn't even on my "one day" list because there are other priorities...but I got it for only $250! God is good! Yes he is! 

Since then I have been looking for, and playing with different apps. So far my favorite is called "Library". It is bar-code scanning software that stores all items you scan into different folders you create.   I love it because I am scanning all of the watercolor crayons that I am buying one at a time... now I can carry the iPad to the store with me and know exactly what I already have! Gotta love that! No typing, just scanning.  Good app!  

But you guys aren't here for all my words so I'll show a few more things from my doodle journal...

The next one started with the "boards" at the top then it sat there waiting.   I then saw the dresses on the mannequins and added those....suddenly I had a shop window so I added the hats and necklaces in the background...all from Pinterest. 

I mentioned the following in the video.  I finished the chickens and put a cloud around the face instead of just leaving it a face for the frame.

I still have three frames left to put something in so all is is not done yet.

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