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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Color Organizing Dos and Don'ts

New Year, time to organize right?

I bought myself some new toys for Christmas and I didn't love the containers they came in so I improvised....

First, I bought these:
Caran d'Ache Neocolor II Water Soluble Pastels

And then I found this carousel filled with 150 Crayola Crayons

I took all those out and replaced them with my watercolor crayons....happy girl! 
A definite DO!


I also bought myself a set of 72 
Derwent Inktense Pencils

I reeeeally hate this plastic trays and I am constantly knocking them around and dumping pencils out...I hate that because I want them in the correct order.  So...this time I just used what I had... a sewing machine, sheet protectors and embroidery sterilizer (the white background ... could just as easily have been fabric) ... and two of those ring thingies

I stitched 12 little "pockets" across the width then cut the top off.

Very Happy! Do!

Oh, and notice the color strip of color around the middle of the pencil?  I used mailing labels for that.  I colored each one with the color of the pencil then painted with water (since these are watercolor pencils).  I always do this with new color pencils because the color on the end of the pencil is an  AWFUL color match!  This way I KNOW what color it will really be.
One more thing I got was this thing:

I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT!!!!  Here's why:

I spent hours doing this with all my Distress Inks so that I could easily use them to paint, (Tim Holtz does a whole video on this stinkn' thing!) 

and a few days later it fell to the floor and THIS is what I got:

ARGH!!!!  DON'T! x10


  1. i just love these ideas! thanks!!!

    1. Well great kenna! I'm glad I gave you some new ideas.

      Thanks for saying hi!

  2. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You are so welcome jocostello! Always happy to help :-)



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