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Saturday, January 5, 2013


Exodus 4:2 "What is that in your hand"?

All Moses had was a STICK!  If God can use an 80 year old man and a STICK, of course He can use YOU!

Case in point:

In May of last year I posted one of my first attempts at drawing what the Lord showed me in the Word... this one:

Well, imagine my SHOCK yesterday when I saw it on Facebook!  One of my friends had shared it from another friend that (I think) got it from a FB site called There Is Power In The Blood Of Jesus .... WHAT?!!.... I knew that it had been "pinned" on Pinterest a lot of times (? not sure how many?) but I just never expected it to just show up like that!  The super cool thing about it is that it has been shared on FB 1012 times!... in less than 2 days from the original upload to that site.  That means that at least that many people have been blessed by something I did, sitting here "just playing" with "what was in MY hand"... over 7 months ago.

No, they don't know me from anybody... there is zero reference to me and my site anywhere (until I commented...but who will actually read that?!)... But you know what, that is a GOOD THING!  It isn't about me!  It is about what GOD can do with a little task HE GAVE ME to do.  AWESOME!!!!  

And, even more awesome is that He let me see it!  WOW!

PS... don't get me wrong, I don't want anyone "stealing" my drawings to make money .... but to bless folks with the digital form? Sure!  Reference back here is the hope. :-)  I've prayed over everything and asked God to protect any recognition that HE wants me to get, so I'm confident that HE has that covered!


  1. Thank you for following God's leading with bravery. Ripples go on and on from a simple stone. You never see what ripples from your offerings but know that your obedience creates ripples that brings glory to God.
    I too enjoy seeing God use my simple offerings but don't often see the ripples, just trust that He uses me when I offer myself to Him. I know that I am not a great artist but He doesn't ask that of me, He only asks me to do my best and allow Him to work thru me. I am in awe many times...

    1. Hi TLC!
      Now you know THAT will preach! And, I'm pretty certain there's a picture in it somewhere too!

      Listen, once I started seeing the things people pin on Pinterest I realized that it was time to stop being intimidated by "real artist" there are enough people out there that enjoy the attempts as much as "the perfect" that it is worth the possible embarrassment. Heck, just last night I was BLOWN AWAY by an artist that only owns, and uses EIGHT BALL POINT PENS and everything looks like a camera took it! AMAZING!!! Makes me want to run and hide... but NOPE! If Moses could use a stick, I can use a pencil!

      Thanks so much for stopping by and "chatting"!

  2. Thank you for this. I needed to be reminded.
    I also pinned this.
    God's Blessings,

    1. Hi Sharon!
      You are so welcome! Though I have to tell you what He just reminded me of.... Moses didn't want ANY PART of what God had planned for him! :-(

      Thanks for stopping in and saying hi!

  3. Thats awesome and so true. It is all in God's hands.

    1. Hi Marcia!
      THANKS! It really is all in God's hands...Moses just had to do what he was told God did all the hard parts!

      Thanks for letting me know you were here!

  4. I always find it rather amusing when folks say they can't do something because they are too old, too unequiped, too ...whatever! God can do it, we are just instruments!



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