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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Spreading the Word, One Person at a Time....

I am continuing to work on my canvas RAKs with the 10 Commandments on the back. (GREAT TV watching thing to do)  Today I got 25 done, with no two the same .... Only just over 300 still to make :-)

Here are a few I did today ... sorry they are so dark, the lighting stinks where I took them... they are really much brighter than they appear here.

The main reason I like to have different designs is I get really bored working on the same thing for very long.  Because of that I will also stop a while and work on getting the elements for the wrapping ready.... Like the daisies ...made from punches and fabric covered 1/2" buttons.

and then I wrap them and draw different patterns on each wrapped canvas:

Again, please excuse the dark photo.  I used kraft bags to wrap each with so you know the color they should be!

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