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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Yes, God Can/Will Use Even You

this week I have been in Exodus again. I LOVE EXODUS!!! there is just so much to learn about God and His ways there. Like this....

Think about it. While God was explaining how to build the tabernacle, how to make the priest's clothes, telling Moses that He wanted Aaron and his sons to be those priests.... Aaron was down the mountain BUILDING THE GOLD CALF "god" !!! And then he lied to Moses about it! "I threw the gold into the fire and OUT CAME THIS CALF." !!! LIE!!! But you know God knew all that before he let Moses know he was going to use Aaron.

People feel so guilty and/or unworthy and/or inapt they think there is no way God could/would use them.... BUT GOD....

Hummmmm.... I was thinking that I might use "Perservere" as my word for 2013 but I think that just changed.... This year my word(s) are "BUT GOD..."

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