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Saturday, February 16, 2013

YES!!!! I FINALLY Made Some Money On My Blog!!!

I am SO EXCITED!!!  I actually made $2.80 this month because someone linked to Amazon from my site and bought something!  It was the SlideWriter for $69.99... I got $2.80 of that!

Did you know that is how folks make money on their blogs? I don't know about all the ads you see on different sites, they may be different...The only one I know about is Amazon, because they make it so easy to add a link.  If you are going to buy something anyway from Amazon, whatever, doesn't even have to be the item listed.... and you link to Amazon through a posted item on anyone's blog...the blogger gets credit for all your purchases.  They have me blocked from getting credit for what I buy through my own blog, so it is certainly no skin off my nose if I go to someone else's blog that has an Amazon link so they will get credit!  It costs me nothing but they get a little... So, WHY NOT!

Please keep that in mind when you are shopping online, or reading someone's blog that you them out a little.  Just click through to Amazon and buy what you need. It won't cost you anything and you bless the person that gives so much through their sharing.  Its a FREE RAK!

Doing the happy dance!  Who knew that $2.80 could make me so happy?!!!  THANK YOU to the person who did it!  Don't know who you are but I really appreciate it!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

James, Chapter 3 In the Making

James, chapter 3 took me longer than any so far. Not sure why, it really just makes a few points! ... Your tongue will MESS YOU UP! And wisdom can come from Heaven or Hell.

This was yesterday....I was kinda floundering with it ....

And this is now...

I am actually thinking of trying to sell a "James" booklet, kind of like an ezine, so I probably won't show all verses like I did last year....but you get the idea.
Lest you forget... this is what Chapter 3 looked like last year:

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Can You Tell What Chapter?

Hint, I'm working on James again. My first plan was to just tweek last year's version...but, it seems I am not as happy with that version as I thought! It is all looking so different! Not only have I gotten a little better at drawing (with all the practice I've had) but I am "seeing"/reading things differently this time.

Here are a few changes... can you tell not only the chapter but the verses?
Anyway, I just wanted to show you that I'm not, not drawing, I am, just not showing what I'm doing as often :-)

I am still having MAJOR issues with Blogger letting me sign in!, if anyone has a clue I would love to get some answers.

I am posting this one using an app on my iPad...I can't do ANYTHING with my regular PC!
Chapter 2 last year:

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Every year, for 7 or 8 (?) years now, I have a friend that orders custom Christmas Ornaments for all her family from me .... It ranges from 10-15 ornaments and all are unique to each person. The only common thing is that each has the name and the year. After that we put something that was a stand out for the person that year. Just think how fun it will be years from now to see what "mattered" to them each year!

I make them with felt and my embroidery machine and I can not tell a lie, I don't love all of them.... but this year I did a couple that I really LOVE! I did one for her daughter's family ... with a Disney Character shape (they went to DisneyWorld this year)...and I WANT a whole tree of them! ...can't show you that one because...well, you know why....

But the other one I made completely from scratch and it makes me giggle just looking at it. It is for Bennett, the youngest baby girl in the family...every year is a major challenge coming up with an idea for the baby....(it seems she had a new grandbaby every year!) This year, Bennett is getting a "Peek-a-boo" ornament because she LOVES to play "Peek-a-boo".


The thing that tickles me is that i put a recorder inside so that they can record the words and the giggles! FuN!!!

OH! and the reason I'm just now talking about it is that I just finished making them! I was SICK the whole month of December so it just didn't happen. I hate that but ..... so, this year they are getting the ornaments for Valentines day. :-( BUT, Christmas is over by the time they get the gifts so they don't go on the tree until next year anyway... they just don't get to see what everyone else got until next year.

On a different note...if you get an automatic email from my blog please forgive the last week or so! Talk about acting screwy!!! It sent one from something I wrote sometime last year! I promise I did nothing to cause that, I didn't even log into my blog that day! Hummmmm????

Saturday, February 2, 2013

My New Toy!

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I almost never got into blogger today to make this post!  WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?!  Seriously, it took me at least an hour trying, and retrying everything that has always worked!

Just wanted to let you know in case something really is up and I suddenly fall out of the Blogger atmosphere.

ANYWAY!!!  I just wanted to show you my new toy!

 It is called a SliderWriter.  VERY COOL!!!  I do everything in my lap on the sofa so this makes a great "table" and helps me write straight!... a long time desire. I still need to work on spacing between lines but that was my fault...there is a ruler on the right side so I should have been more consistent .. but, I wrote the "Contempt" first so I didn't plan very well.... but, I am VERY HAPPY with it so far.  This was actually my first attempt so it isn't perfect...but I'll practice.

Here is a video showing its uses and how to use:


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