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Saturday, February 2, 2013

My New Toy!

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I almost never got into blogger today to make this post!  WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?!  Seriously, it took me at least an hour trying, and retrying everything that has always worked!

Just wanted to let you know in case something really is up and I suddenly fall out of the Blogger atmosphere.

ANYWAY!!!  I just wanted to show you my new toy!

 It is called a SliderWriter.  VERY COOL!!!  I do everything in my lap on the sofa so this makes a great "table" and helps me write straight!... a long time desire. I still need to work on spacing between lines but that was my fault...there is a ruler on the right side so I should have been more consistent .. but, I wrote the "Contempt" first so I didn't plan very well.... but, I am VERY HAPPY with it so far.  This was actually my first attempt so it isn't perfect...but I'll practice.

Here is a video showing its uses and how to use:

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