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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Numbers 13 and 14 - The Hidden Treasures

That's right, buried in the middle of chapter after of chapter of numbers of men in each tribe and more sacrifices for sin, are some treasures that can be easily passed over while trying to "just get through" the book of Numbers.  It is almost like someone dropped all the pages that Moses wrote and because the pages weren't numbered a few pages explaining their trip out of Egypt got put back in the wrong place... (not really, but kinda!) 

In the middle of Numbers we find out why the Israelites missed out on their "PROMISE" of the land flowing with milk and honey and spent the next 40 years wondering int the desert instead of receiving what God had for them.   GOD'S PLAN for them was to take them right into the promise land...BUT THEY LOST THE PROMISE because of FEAR OF MAN, rather than TRUST IN GOD...that, and they grumbled, yet again, about their circumstances!  

When I first realized all the above I started thinking about all of the promises I may have forfeited because of my fear of man, or circumstances, or complaining about the journey to the promise instead of trusting in and being patient with God!  SCARY!!!  So, I decided right then and there to stop thinking of myself as a grasshopper.  As long as God is on my side, I am NOT A GRASSHOPPER!

A few years ago I was getting prepared to lead a devotional on the subject and decided to read the "whole story"... when suddenly I saw that God views unbelief as CONTEMPT towards him!  LOOK THE WORD UP!!!   Forget, just being afraid!  God sees that as me DESPISING HIM!!!!  YOUCH!

OH!  And I got a new tool to help keep my text lines straight!  It is called a SliderWriter.  VERY COOL!!!  I do everything in my lap on the sofa so this makes a great "table" and helps me write straight!... a long time desire. I still need to work on spacing between lines but that was my fault...there is a ruler on the right side so I should have been more consistant... but, I wrote the "Contempt" first so I didn't plan very well.... but, I am VERY HAPPY with it so far.

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