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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy! Happy! Happy!


Well, just call me LAZY!!!  I have not drawn a THING in almost 4 weeks!  I spent two of those weeks at a friend's house in Tennessee puppy sitting three PRECIOUS Westies.  PRECIOUS!

I thought that since I would be in a big, empty, CLEAN house I would be able to get a lot of work done but what I discovered was that Westies are very "love needy" dogs!  If they are awake they want you petting them.... which I was only too happy to do.  So, those two weeks were completely unproductive, all I did was pet puppies and watch TV. (since I no longer have cable I decided to "catch up" on shows I can't watch on Netflix)

One of my new TV discoveries was "Duck Dynasty"  OH MY GOODNESS!  I actually really do laugh outloud at those guys!  I even came home and ordered the first two seasons on DVD from Amazon.  All caught up now.... Si and Jase are my absolute favorite people now.  I can do without Willie...he lost all my respect when he gave his son a TRUCK because he was tired of the kid borrowing his truck and bringing it back empty!  REALLY!?!  Oh right, that's great parenting!

But, thankfully there's Phil, the patriarch of the family, HE doesn't put up with "rich, yuppy grandkids"... HE is just so cool!  I LOVE PHIL!

As a matter of a fact, someone just posted this video on my facebook so I decided to share with you.

My favorite part is that they say a blessing over their meal at the end of every show. (they said they wouldn't do the show if they couldn't do that)

While they all look like wooly buggers all but Si have collage degrees and aren't as ignorant as you might suspect.  I LOVE these guys!

Here is another one I just found on Pinterest:

Duck Dynasty Star Jase Robertson Speaks Out On His Faith! 

OH!  P.S.  Yes, I am originally from Louisiana and NO, I have never even seen a man with so much hair, much less know any!  And, I have never seen an alligator but there are snakes in EVERY pond, lake, river and stream (bayou).  I went tubing once and stopped counting snakes after 10! If you live anywhere near water you will have snakes come up in your house at least once!  That's why, when I grew up I wouldn't live anywhere near any form of water!   I HATE SNAKES! 

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