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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Doodling with Sketchbook Pro for the iPad

As you may. or may not, know I have been spending the last couple of days playing with my new stylus and different apps for drawing.  i now have six different packages that are all made to draw/paint on the ipad.... and you really need them all.... for the same reason you need watercolor pencils and color pencils and markers... they all do the "same" thing, only different.  The great thing is only one of the six I have costs more than $4.99!  IDraw costs $8.99.  It is really hard to complain about the price when it does so much of what Coreldraw and illustrator does!  It really is amazing that they make apps so cheap!  Why????

Today I played with Sketchbook Pro.  There are two features that make it today's favorite.
The first is that is has a mirroring tool that, when switched on, you only have to draw one side and the other side gets drawn at the same time.  I am a lover of symmetry so it makes me very happy.

The second fun surprise is that it has a Copic color palette!  it actually has 3 different palettes and the Copic one is buried underneath the others so you may never discover it if you aren't a button pusher!  Unfortunately, the one weakness on almost all maps is the lack of documentation!  pitiful! But, thankfully, I am a button pusher. :-)

I guess I might as well mention that I'm also using a new app ($2.99 ) made for writing this blog... sure hope it works :-) we shall see.


  1. Just bought an iPad. What apps do you have for drawing and what are you using for writing? Too many apps to sort through is too much.

    1. Hi are so right! Way too many to wade through to find what you need! I have, and recomend, Inkpad, procreate, artrage, sketchbook pro ... all those are for drawing. I also have iDraw but it isnt necessary if you have inkpad. I also have snapseed for cropping. The bloggerapp is called far so good on that one. I plan to do different blog posts for each to explain what i like about each so stay tuned. Sorry i cant tell all here, my pc has a virus so I woke up this morning with zero access to the internet!!! So glad my phone has its own access! ...but this little keypad is too small for lots of typing. Thanks for asking...stay tuned for the other posts....hopefully. i will have internet again soon...???

  2. Thank you for the info. Look forward to your excellent reviews. My laptop is in the shop getting tuned and more RAM, my MacBook is 4 so it needed some tuning. The iPad is 2 days old and I am overwhelmed.



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