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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Drawing on an iPad.... My Goal

YEARS ago, when I first saw a $3000 tablet PC I WANTED IT!  And I've been wanting one since then!  Last month I found myself "shopping" again.  Prices still take my breath away (I am retired you know.)

While I was "out there" on the web I started seeing art created using an iPad... WITH THEIR FINGERS!!!  HEY!  I HAVE an iPad! And I have fingers! The really amazing thing is that the apps used to do what I want to do only cost $4.99!!!  WHAT?!  Some are even FREE!  The one I used for the picture below is "Procreate".

Now, having said all that, have you ever tried to draw details with a finger???  Not easy!  Here is something I did really quickly yesterday...yes, "been there, done that"...but I wanted to do something quick and do with a finger.  Obviously, I wasn't going for perfect, nothing I do is ever perfect! not my "style".

See the picture at the left bottom (copied from Pinterest) that's where I got the color combination...using Procreate's eyedropper yes?  OH! and while I'm talking about it, did you know that you can "print screen" on an iPad?  Just press the "home button" and the "on/off" button at the same time and it will place the screen print into your photos folder.  That's what I did with the flower. I used another app (SnapSeed) to crop most of the other stuff off the screen print.

What I have been learning while "playing" at this is that it is going to take A LOT of practice to produce anything that is pride worthy....not sure I'm ready for that, but maybe.

One thing that has made me a HAPPY HAPPY girl is the Adonit Jot Pen ....  A stylus that has a clear plastic end allowing you to SEE where the line will actually be!  That is the problem with fingers and most stylus on the market.  Here it is... I got my yesterday:

Below is an awesome book for newbies.... "IPad for Artist" by Dani Jones.  I went to a local Barnes and Noble yesterday to check it out before I order it.  I just wasn't sure until I actually saw it.  I DEFINITELY WILL BUY!  But, they were selling it for $19.95!!!  HELLO!!!  Came home and will order this one, thank ya very much!  It is page after page of art done on the iPad including tutorials for much of what she shows.  She isn't teaching how to draw, but how to use the iPad software to get the results she got.

Now, about the stylus, there was lots and lots of feedback.  .... and I read the feedback for everything I order, usually starting with the 1stars because I want to know why people DON'T like a product.  I found that people either loved it a lot, or hated it a lot.  One of the reasons people hate it is that after a couple of hours it starts to skip.... YUP, did indeed.  I'm really proud of myself first response would usually be to return it to Amazon, extremely disappointed that it didn't work.  But, this time, I went to Adonit's website and sent an email to customer support asking for possible solutions.  I woke up this morning with a response waiting.  Basically, clean the little plastic disk .... so I did, I licked it ( :-).... shhhhh don't tell)  Guess what!!!  I works perfectly again!  So, my critique went from 1 star to 5 stars...with a lick.  HA!

It will be a while before I show something I create using the stylus, I need to practice!  When you watch this video you will see why I would be embarrassed ... AMAZING!!!  Be ready to be blown away!  He did it WITH HIS FINGER on an iPad!

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