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Monday, April 8, 2013

Joy Doodle

Yesterday I had two goals, 
1. use some new gel pens I got from Staples and 
2. just put SOMETHING down on paper, I have gotten so lazy and disinterested lately that I had to "JUST DO IT!"

I was completely blank so I went to my trusting Pinterest inspirations and just started.

Just so you know, the original colors are nothing like this!  In real time the purple is more grape and the green is forest!  I had to buy a new scanner/printer about a month ago and I have no control of the original scan.  Yes, I could probably putz around with it in Corel but ya know, it is was it is... When color really matters I will take the time to fix it but not now, not with this.

Here's a little bonus... a video a friend shared with me today:

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