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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Playing With Brushes

Today's doodle was FUN!

I always have more fun when I learn something new.  Today I figured out what is required to make a brush from scratch.... I decided that I want a brush of eyes so that I can add eyes to any figure with one click.  The thing that I figured out is you have to create a negative or  the opposite of what you want to the thing that is WHITE is what will "print" and the black will show up clear... Example of a "brush" I made:

For some reason that kinda messes with my brain.  It would be an easy fix on a regular computer, just draw it in black then reverse the colors... I don't think I have a package that will do that on the iPad yet so I had to start with a black background and draw in white.  I used the mirroring tool in Sketchbook Pro so that I only had to draw one eye while the software drew the white.

Anyway, you can see the eyes on my girl...easy, easy to modify once they are there.  I LOVE IT! 

I used lots of brushes on the background, some that came with Procreate, some I made.

I went back to fix a couple things that were bothering me and decided to make a cropped version as well, I think I like it better:

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