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Monday, April 1, 2013

Post Tablet

I got a new die from AccuCut a few months ago and finally did something with it.

It is a "Pinnovation" Die, created for perfect printing placement.  You can create and print the design then the "pins" hold the sheet(s) of paper in place so that your design is perfectly placed when cut.
They sell this die as a "ticket" but I saw it as a tablet.... Just print,  cut some chipboard, add two holes for posts, quick assembly and decorations....done.

(I have to admit though, in this case, I just cut it before printing and hand drew the design on the blank sheet.  You know my need for doodles so this table will be my "doodle design" tablet that I can design then scan any pages I like.)

TIP: I covered the top (including the post) with cheap clear plastic crystals then colored them with a red sharpie.

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