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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Drawing a 3d Illusion on the iPad Using Procreate

Tonight I wanted to see if I could do a zentangle design on the iPad.  it was a great exercise in drawing straight...right now that's my biggest challenge...controling my lines!  You can see how wobbly they are here.  iDraw would probably have been better for the straight lines but, like I said I needed the practice so I used Procreate, a pixel based drawing app.

Not a great job, I see lots of opportunity to do it better, but that will be another day... Actually, now that I look at it I realize that the biggest mistake I made was not drawing every step on a different layer...heck.  That way I could go back now and clean up the parts that scream "YOU MESSED UP" without making an even bigger mess.  But, I know now...lesson learned.  ALWAYS REMEMBER TO DO EACH STEP ON DIFFERENT LAYERS!

Even though I decided to go with Procreate I really needed the graph templete in iDraw so I opened that first and saved the graph as a picture that I could import as a layer in Procreate. (I hope you can see the grid, I can on the iPad, but I can't on my PC)

I then created a square brush in Procreate ... one of those wonderful things that you can do with Procreate that I don't believe you can do with any other app.  By creating a resizable square brush I was able to tap on the screen and create a single perfect square... and thanks to the Jot Pro Stylus (see it at the top of the left column) I could see exactly where to tap on the grid.  Not perfect, but since you can't align  elements after the fact in pixel based packages it helped A LOT!

If you want to see the rest of the steps they are shown HERE... I saw it on Pinterest but this is a link to the creator's site.




  1. I think you have done a great job.
    It looks very realistic.

    Thank you.



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