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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Did It Work???

This time I'm showing you a couple of REALLY BAD examples of some things I made using another new painting app I found called ibisPaint.  I was more interested in how the software worked than what I was actually doing...these were tests.  The software was created by someone in Japan and their idea of "intuitive" is WAY different than mine!  It took me three emails back and forth to Japan to get it to work!  (Not quick or easy when they are 13 hours in a different time zone.... lots of late night correspondence.) And I'm still not sure what I did or if I could do it again.

There are a couple of things this one will do that the others won't.
  1. It records all your key strokes into a movie. (at warp speed!)
  2. It has a selection wand so you can select and modify areas of a picture.  This is a tool that I use A LOT on my regular PC and I've missed it!

The really tricky part was saving it so that I could upload it here...but I THINK I have it now, we shall see, you are getting it as I am "getting it".

(EXAMPLE 1: uploaded from YouTube)

(Example 2: uploaded from PC...YouTube not necessary! YAY!)

HA!  IT WORKED!!!  Now, the next step is to figure out how to make that thing be of some value.  Right now it runs too fast and there are only three settings that allow me to modify what you see.
  1. You can show it with EVERY window that I opened to get what you see.  That would be a wonderful thing if I could add sound and explain it, but as it is it is kind of like a strobe light flashing so fast it makes you sick! ..... (Example #1)
  2. You can delete all the window stuff but you still see where I zoom in to get a close area to work in...again, too fast and nauseating
  3. Results only, no windows, no zooming ... (Example #2).

I was told that if I want to modify it further I would have to do it with different software so now that search is on!

OH! And I guess I should say that ibisPaint is FREE so I can't complain too much :-).  Just so you know, there are actually two versions, one is free, the other is $2.99.  I went ahead and paid the $2.99 in hopes of getting more control NOT!!!  all you get is the same thing without commercials.  So, if that that matters then you now know the ONLY difference in FREE and $2.99.

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