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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Washed Anyone's Feet Lately?

OK, so maybe Jesus didn't mean to wash each other's feet literally.  I know that it was the custom then for the host to wash his guest's feet and we don't do that anymore.... Maybe he was showing that we should serve each other, whatever that looks like.... 


Have you ever actually washed someone's feet literally?  I have and it does AMAZING, amazing things to/for both people.  It is very humbling for both people and walls are broken.

About 10 years ago I went on a mission trip to St. Petersburg Russia.  There were about 10 Americans and 60 Russian ladies meeting to prepare for service on a weekend retreat.  We were all sitting in a circle very much "alone" individuals, not feeling "part of a team" because no one really knew more than one or two other people...even the Americans were complete strangers.  The first thing the leader of  "the team" did was go around the room and washed each and every person's feet!!!  People started crying and hugging each other and we instantly became "THE team" God had gathered together to get a job done.  AMAZING!  

I am convinced that if every Pastor would do that for their staff their church and "THE Church" would become new again! And we SO NEED THAT! Who knows, it may take someone like
YOU to wash your pastor's feet first so he will see its affects???

Go wash someone's, anyone's feet and see what happens.

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