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Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Top 5 Favorite Doodle Apps

Someone asked me today what apps I use to doodle on my iPad.  If you have followed me through this learning process you know that my favorites have changed over time AND, it just depends on what I want to do that day.

I might use 2 or 3 different apps to create one thing.  If there is going to be a lot of text that I don't feel like drawing, I will type it in iDraw and do the rest of the picture in another app then combine the two.

I have numbered the favorites but really, it just depends.  

I wish I could have shown the prices for each but that disappears once you buy it so I don't know what they cost now.  I think the most expensive one was iDraw ($7.99)... which REALLY blows me away because it acts so much like CorelDraw which is a $500 package!  CRAZY!

Please know that I am NOT an artist!  I suspect that a real artist can make all of these apps sing.  I know I've seen some drawings that are amazing.  I have just been playing with any package that someone said that they like, to see why...  and then I formed my own conclusions based on what I found useful and what I felt was a total waste....FOR ME.  Someone else might love them.  

I also included a few that I wouldn't use to create anything with but I think they are FUN to play with, just because. 
  Like - 
- Sumo Paint, that one is just WILD! and I think it was free so its worth a look.  
- I don't use Page 53 anymore (I think it was the first doodle app I tried) but I just love their "Journal" layout so I keep it loaded.  
- Scribble Press is another one that I won't use but I think is SO CLEVER FOR KIDS!  They can draw something then send it in to be published!

One more package that I use with almost everything I doodle on the iPad is SnapSeed.  I use it to crop, for some reason none of the other packages have cropping!  ???  Unless I just haven't figured a way to ???

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I Can Be Some Dumb At Times

Yesterday I was watching my little "Thing Maker" video again and couldn't believe I had been so dumb!  I sat there and drew the shadow behind each letter!  I NEVER DO THAT!  Well, except on paper, but never digitally.  DER!

What I normally do is
1. Write the word or draw the shape
2. Duplicate that layer 
3. Change the bottom layer to black
4. Move the object on that lay over and down a bit


I am a little bit panic stricken, after I did the above I LOST the plastic tip on my Jot Pro Stylus
!!! OMGoodness!!! Talk about dependent on a tool.  My iPad doodles are on hold until I get a new one....I actually ordered six new ones (I don't like being in this position). Hoping for a fast delivery.  I didn't realize how much more I like digital doodling over pen-and-paper doodling until now.

Moral of that story: PUT THE CAP BACK ON!!!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pinterest Inspired Doodling

Yesterday I wanted to play with the "record" function of my new iPad app, Sketch Club.  But, rather than try and think of something to draw I went back to the Pinterest Doodle Book I created last year.

If you watch the video you will see I didn't spend a lot of time fixing things, some, but not a lot... because it wasn't about the finish as much as the "Let's see how this works".  That is, by the way, the story of my life.  I want to LEARN and move on, after I get to the "OK, I can do that." phase of learning anything I am ready to move on to the next thing.... unfortunately, I never excel in anything :-(

... This doodle blog is the longest I have spent doing any one thing, but if you look back over the entire time I have been all over the place with what and how I doodle!

And then I did this one: (sorry I don't have the original from Pinterest to show)


Sorry this next video is so small, you may want to zoom in to see it better.

There is an option to see all the different menu functions I used to do each step but there is a WHOLE LOT of flashing, fast screens that hurt just to watch.  I think I MIGHT could slow things down a bit if I use a different software package here on my desktop.  That might be my next test.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Loosely Goosey - Starting With A Shape

One of the ways I use to doodle when I was young was to draw a shape then try to make something out of that shape.  I decided to do that again today because it is great practice, and fun.  Today's shape was the great big yellow bell that became her dress.  

I also decided to not try and make it pretty.  Most of the drawings by other people that I like are far from perfect but for some reason I can't do that style, even though I love it!   I am in this box that says "that's not good enough, you have to do it better".  Of all the drawings over the last year, or more, I am only proud of 3 or 4... the rest, I want a "do-over".  ....  Well, NO!  I'm going to work on acceptance of the not perfect ON PURPOSE!  Do it loosey goosey, ON PURPOSE, and create a new style for myself.  I can do this!

No, I am not a mom... It was never on my bucket list.... But, she looked like a mom and I needed some words. :-)

 Another one.... It started with this shape:

And watch what happened:

All of the above was actually done with an App I just discovered, Sketch Club.  Not only does it have some nice drawing functions, it also records!  I have another one that does that but it is hard to control the speed...this one is a little bit better.  You can see I was learning!  The next step is to take it into some other package (?) and clean it up... you really can't do any modifications to the video with the app.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Playing With a New Paint

First, let me just say that this is yet another example of me starting with NO CLUE where I was going!  That's why so much of what I do, I feel like I need to start over and do it  "right".

The Goal:
Play with a brand of Acrylic paint (Golden) and Matte Medium.  I have never used either one so I had no idea how either one would react.  And I have to say, I don't love how they "act"  ... you can tell, I never was able to get a smooth blend ....  but I do love how vivid the colors are!  So, I choose to just say, THAT is the look I was going for! :-)

I started by folding a plain piece of card stock because I knew I wanted to trim around the bottom of the word "Believe".  That's it, that is the only "direction" I was going in.  Then I kept adding bits and pieces of doodles so I would have another place to try out a different color. Then I got tired of playing and just filled in the left side with a big glob of blue.  As I was looking at it I looked down and saw a 3-d Bee sticker in the self of my coffee table and decided to add it next to the leaf....Get it? Bee-leaf ?  HA!  I know, too corny... but isn't it also too cute (the bee I mean).  

Also, it looks like an envelope to me now so somebody is gonna get a FANCY letter from me one day!  Just add a little glue on the sides and flap, done! 


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