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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I Can Be Some Dumb At Times

Yesterday I was watching my little "Thing Maker" video again and couldn't believe I had been so dumb!  I sat there and drew the shadow behind each letter!  I NEVER DO THAT!  Well, except on paper, but never digitally.  DER!

What I normally do is
1. Write the word or draw the shape
2. Duplicate that layer 
3. Change the bottom layer to black
4. Move the object on that lay over and down a bit


I am a little bit panic stricken, after I did the above I LOST the plastic tip on my Jot Pro Stylus
!!! OMGoodness!!! Talk about dependent on a tool.  My iPad doodles are on hold until I get a new one....I actually ordered six new ones (I don't like being in this position). Hoping for a fast delivery.  I didn't realize how much more I like digital doodling over pen-and-paper doodling until now.

Moral of that story: PUT THE CAP BACK ON!!!

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