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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Loosely Goosey - Starting With A Shape

One of the ways I use to doodle when I was young was to draw a shape then try to make something out of that shape.  I decided to do that again today because it is great practice, and fun.  Today's shape was the great big yellow bell that became her dress.  

I also decided to not try and make it pretty.  Most of the drawings by other people that I like are far from perfect but for some reason I can't do that style, even though I love it!   I am in this box that says "that's not good enough, you have to do it better".  Of all the drawings over the last year, or more, I am only proud of 3 or 4... the rest, I want a "do-over".  ....  Well, NO!  I'm going to work on acceptance of the not perfect ON PURPOSE!  Do it loosey goosey, ON PURPOSE, and create a new style for myself.  I can do this!

No, I am not a mom... It was never on my bucket list.... But, she looked like a mom and I needed some words. :-)

 Another one.... It started with this shape:

And watch what happened:

All of the above was actually done with an App I just discovered, Sketch Club.  Not only does it have some nice drawing functions, it also records!  I have another one that does that but it is hard to control the speed...this one is a little bit better.  You can see I was learning!  The next step is to take it into some other package (?) and clean it up... you really can't do any modifications to the video with the app.

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