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Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Top 5 Favorite Doodle Apps

Someone asked me today what apps I use to doodle on my iPad.  If you have followed me through this learning process you know that my favorites have changed over time AND, it just depends on what I want to do that day.

I might use 2 or 3 different apps to create one thing.  If there is going to be a lot of text that I don't feel like drawing, I will type it in iDraw and do the rest of the picture in another app then combine the two.

I have numbered the favorites but really, it just depends.  

I wish I could have shown the prices for each but that disappears once you buy it so I don't know what they cost now.  I think the most expensive one was iDraw ($7.99)... which REALLY blows me away because it acts so much like CorelDraw which is a $500 package!  CRAZY!

Please know that I am NOT an artist!  I suspect that a real artist can make all of these apps sing.  I know I've seen some drawings that are amazing.  I have just been playing with any package that someone said that they like, to see why...  and then I formed my own conclusions based on what I found useful and what I felt was a total waste....FOR ME.  Someone else might love them.  

I also included a few that I wouldn't use to create anything with but I think they are FUN to play with, just because. 
  Like - 
- Sumo Paint, that one is just WILD! and I think it was free so its worth a look.  
- I don't use Page 53 anymore (I think it was the first doodle app I tried) but I just love their "Journal" layout so I keep it loaded.  
- Scribble Press is another one that I won't use but I think is SO CLEVER FOR KIDS!  They can draw something then send it in to be published!

One more package that I use with almost everything I doodle on the iPad is SnapSeed.  I use it to crop, for some reason none of the other packages have cropping!  ???  Unless I just haven't figured a way to ???



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