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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cool Note Taking App!

Much has happened since last I wrote..... And now starts my list of excuses for not posting in a while....

- I took a little mini vacation to a friend's house
- My iPad stopped charging!!! so I had to go to the apple store for diagnosis since they wanted to charge me $70 for a phone call consult!!!  NOT!!  Thankfully, it is still under warranty so the replacement charger cable was free.
- I have been trying more new apps out... My app Drawing Folder now looks like this!  So many choices, how does one choose just one?

Well, you can't because there isn't one that does everything...yet.

But today's
"STAR Happy App" 

is this one:

This one isn't a really intended to be a "drawing" package, though you can draw, but its main purpose is for taking notes in meetings and/ class.  I LOVE it!

Here is something I just did with it :

I watched a documentary on Amazon called "7 Signs of Christ Return" (free with Amazon Prime)

I took really quick notes...just the list actually, then used the AMAZING function that lets you open a web browser screen and capture part, or all of a screen and it places it into your active page!!!  That's how I got all the pictures... But this is strictly for demo purposes since there would be copy-rite issues... Normally I would do these kind of notes for personal learning only.  I actually had Google images open that way I could just search for what I wanted, capture it, then search again.

That is one very appealing function....  More are....

- it has a record button so you can actually record  the person speaking!!

- there is an optional $1.99 purchase that will convert your handwriting to text! (Aka: a font of your choice). .... Sort of .... You are currently limited to the iPad standard fonts :-( but I have asked the developers to allow importing TTFs and they said they would look into it!  I want that because I have several that are my own handwriting but MUCH neater than what I can do while taking quick notes.... OR, you could just type it in the first place, that is an option.

- it is vector so you can select a portion, move it around, or resize it, very cool!  I was able to do each "bullet" large then reduce it and move it where I wanted it on the page.

Here you go, an example of changing up the above page with font changes and re-sizing  and moving around... and just playing around

- it lets you create a "book" with lots of pages.  In the example above I would use this page as a form of a Table of Contents (no, there isn't linking yet either...that's another thing I asked for...but...) then I would expand on each numbered bullet on a page all it's own.

- You can display what you are doing to the room as you are drawing/writing 

- You could take a picture of the whiteboard is someone is writing on one and it will automatically insert it into the current page

- ?? I sure there are more thing to discover but....

... that's all I can think of right now...I woke up at about 3 and did the above page and wrote this, it is now 6 and I am sleepy again....thinker just stopped working, needs a sleep charging! 

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