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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Psalm 112:5

Well! Today was one of those days when I really wish I had more of an idea of where I  going BEFORE I took off in full trot!!

All I had in mind when I started today's doodle was a scripture (Psalm 112:5) and a flower.  Scripture made it, the flower didn't.  But that isn't where the trouble started.  If you have been around for a while you may have noticed that I like frames....and I like for things to hang over and out of the that went all wrong.  See the picture below... The inside/outside got "off" with the word "GOOD". Had I been thinking ahead that heavy black frame around the word should have been drawn BEFORE I watercolored anything....then I would have done that box a different color.... But, I drew it after the fact in an attempt to "fix" my mess...FAIL!


So, I spent the next hour working on it, with several options not working :-(.  Believe me, this was one of those times when much less time would have been spent starting over...but, nooooooo, I am way too bull headed for that!   I tend to get more and more determined to make it ok.

I ended up with this:

Unfortunately, you can't see what I see... The "GOOD" is actually gold glitter and it looks kinda good.  :-). It sparkles!  I love sparkle!

I do wish I had the "want-to" to do it again "right" because there is a lot about it that I would change..... But, I over it, no do-overs today.  

Oh, here is something I doodled last night while watching a movie...on one of the 5000 (?) index cards I bought at Staples this week .... they were having a sale :-/




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