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Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Real Heart Test


Guess who did that yesterday!  Me, with four different people, all giving the wrong answers!!!  Ya know.... I really do consider myself a nice person, but honestly, NOTHING brings out the yuck in me like trying to get a helpful answer from a phone support person in any country, but magnify the issues when fighting the language barrier!!  So much time is spent saying, repeating and spelling!   


Please don't get me wrong, I LOVE people from other countries, its just I am usually already on edge because I have already tried everything, doing my best to avoid he dreaded call, (including reading and watching YouTube videos).  Then I call and spend the first 30 minutes answering, repeating and spelling answers to questions that have NOTHING to do with the issue... And when I  finally get to the actual question I have, I find out I am talking to the wrong person!!! .... And there I go, into endless support-line-hell-loop!

Forgive me Lord, please.


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