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Monday, August 19, 2013

Let Go and Let God

It feels kinda weird having "God" be polka dot... But, I was trying to cover up a mistake :-/

Two testimonies:
If you wait long enough God will bring help...and from the most unexpected places!

Last week someone broke my mailbox in half! Literally, I went out and the actual mailbox was on the ground! Awwwww man! (Said with a Whiny voice)...  Who the heck do you get to install a new mailbox??? OK add that to changing tires making two reasons to be married.   Though my ex wasn't all that great at tire changing....  

Anyway, anyway...  I decided to check out Angie's List.  Did you know that you have to PAY for that?!  It was going to be $29 just to be able to find a handy man!! So, I decided to think about it.  The very next morning I got an .email from them offering a 25% discount!  OK, so that makes it a little better.... Not only that, if you pay using PayPal there is an additional 20% (i think) off.   ...always my preferred payment choice anyway....  Soooo, instead of paying $29 I paid something like $14!!! 

Would you believe that during the night someone had temporarily fixed the broken one!  Several days later the guy across the street came over and confessed...someone had backed out of his driveway and broken it...he was going to replace it over the weekend with a whole new one!  DONE!  I now have a brand new box...AND... He noticed the blue tarp on my roof (used to cover a 6" hole made by a falling tree branch almost TWO years ago!  It was too expensive for me to fix then so it was now on my Angie's Fix it List.  He offered to fix that too!!  FOR FREE!  GOD is so AMAZING!  "Let Go and Let God"

Side story...  His house is up a day about 11 years ago, just one month after my "fire destroyed" house was replaced with a brand new one I was sitting in my dining room and heard this gosh awful crash.  I went downstairs to investigate and found the tail end of a truck INSIDE my shower!!!  Their daughter had not put the emergency break on and the empty truck had rolled down their driveway and ended up in my bathroom!!  It was the most bazaar thing because the truck had to go past 4 trees and other bushes to get to my house and not one branch, leaf even, was touched!!...but I got ANOTHER brand new bathroom!  I think that is the only other time he and I have ever talked before the mailbox thing.  We aren't a "get to know your neighbor" kind of neighborhood for sure!  I have lived here 30 years and don't even know any of my neighbors last names.... PITIFUL!



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