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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lazy Man's Doodling

I have decided to start calling my blog the LAZY MAN DOODLE BLOG!  I have just not been in the doodling mood lately.  Not too sure what is up with that but I haven't wanted to do much of anything. So, today's doodle is brought to you by my PC and CorelDraw! 

ANYWAY, this morning I got the strangest email from Google that someone wanted me to share a .pdf file with about have to DIG DEEP to figure out what the heck!?  Well, 2.5 years ago I found a free online tool called Tartan Designer ...COOL TOOL!!  You can make a BAGILLION different plaids... if plaids float your boat.  Well, way back then I offered a free plaid alphabet on my other blog and that's what the person was asking for!  GO FIGURE!

Today, I went back to the site and played a bit more and made some purple and gold in honor of all my family back in Louisiana.


OH!  And, I have been meaning to mention that I LOVE to learn so I'm taking yet another online class. This one is from Candice Dillhoff

I don't usually share when I take a class because they are usually NOT WORTH THE MONEY!  I think some people get a little bit greedy and I don't try to sell their stuff for them.  But, today I share Candice's because it is just $25 for 12 lessons, 2 a week for 6 weeks.  We got our first lesson today...three separate videos with exercises to go with the last two.  Heck, just the printables make the class worth the money, I think.  So, if you have $25 to spare, come join the fun! Not to worry, it is self paced so you won't be too late.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

PC Doodies Puzzle Card

A sweet friend turned 80 this weekend so I found myself in need of a quick birthday card.  She LOVES putting jigsaw puzzles together so I made one for her as her card.  This was the picture I used: (can you guess her favorite color?)

And this is the die I used to cut the puzzle.  I bought it to make puzzles for small children to occupy them while in a restaurant.  I thought I'd have some in my purse and when they started getting restless I would give them one.

It was a really quick task.

  • Make the picture in CorelDraw
  • Print it onto 8.5x11 label paper
  • Stick that down onto book board
  • Run through die cut
  • DONE!

I then put the pieces in a small paper bag and decorated it with washi tape and a paper flower I had sitting close by.

OH MY GOODNESS!  You would have thought I had given her the moon!  Thrilled.  I also gave her a gift card to her favorite store and a hat with a flower.  I wish now I would have taken a picture because she was too cute in that hat!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Inchies Just Had To Come Out!

I couldn't stand it, I just had to make inches...

I had to do something with my color blend practice!


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Playing With Watercolor Blends

Playing with watercolor all the color!

I started with a grid that I printed onto a white piece of watercolor paper.  At first I chose colors to blend on purpose then I decided that the only way to ever remember what colors I was using was to number each color and write the number in each corner.  As I was numbering the few that I had already done I decided to just randomly number each square without looking at the color the numbers represent thus making the blend colors completely random, blends I may never have tried on purpose.....better.  After I finished I filled in all the background with a black, broad tip, sharpie.

I'm thinking there are inches in there somewhere just crying to come out.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

White Lace On Black - Isaiah 48-17

Truth be told, the main reason I wanted to come up with a border font was so I could get the look of white lace on a black background...sorta like this:


I'm not too sure why I wanted the lacy look because there is absolutely NOTHING about me that says "lacy"... except, I do like lace and I really appreciate the work that goes into making it... But, you won't find any lace in my home or on my person! For sure!

Well heck!  Nothing makes a mistake "POP" like posting it on the internet!  Can you spot it?  Arrrrgh!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

MFH Border Bits and Pieces Font

This past week  I decided that I wanted to do a border font. As in, every letter is a different part of a border so that if a letter is repeated it creates a border....OR use combinations of letters. See what I mean below: 

Here is what I have so far:

I'm sure I'll make it available soon but it has been a lot of work and before I spend much more time on it I would rather see if there is any interest because I can live without fixing the things I know would have to be fixed if I sell it... Like more corners and such. 

This one will probably cost $15 because the combinations are limitless!  

Anyone interested?


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