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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Learning the Hard Way...

Still taking Candice's class and I'm here to tell you that SHE IS AWESOME!!!  One of the most giving folks I've met in a while.  Not to mention she is just so good at this watercolor thing.  And I so AM NOT!  She makes "doodling" look so effortless, seriously, it just happens with her... I'm going to hope that that will come with practice because it IS NOT so easy for me!  I'm only going to show you my pitiful attempt at this because she really wants to see what students are doing.

Now, first, in my defense, I was silly enough to try to do watercolor on canvas!  DUMB! DUMB! DUMB!  EVERYTHING acts differently on canvas!  Honestly, watercolors should only be done on watercolor paper in my opinion...then you kinda know what to expect!  Seriously, I used a waterproof black pen that ran!  And a non-waterproof pen that I THOUGHT I would be able to blend out to the next color... NOT! Colors were darker than I wanted and just sat there until they dried, no soaking at all so instead of pretty transitions it was blobby....UGH!!!   Almost everything on this mess is an attempt to fix the last mess I made!  

And then of course, add to that the tactical errors I made color wise, put colors next to other colors that should never have been.... I'm sorry Candice, I promise to do better .....   

BUT, practice makes perfect right???

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