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Monday, February 3, 2014

Don't Quit

A few weeks ago I was looking at some photos of my nieces on Facebook and noticed that someone in one of the pictures had a t-shirt on that said "Don't Quit" and then I noticed that the DO of Don't and the IT of Quit was a different color.  HOW CLEVER!  "Don't Quit, Do It" ... I thought how perfect since I started Weight Watchers (again) on January 1st.  (Four weeks now, 15 pounds lost...with a Looooong road ahead!)  Don't Quite, Do It!

So, here is my take on it ...

I don't love the b/w washi on the sides but they are the results of a failed attempt at playing along with "The Documented Life" challenge.  I thought I wanted to do it but quickly learned that it just isn't me.  They lost me on week 3 ... adding that weeks, mail envelopes to the book ... ???  I didn't get it so I lost interest.

ANYWAY, the very first thing they suggested you do is purchase a moleskin calendar and washi tape an extra piece of watercolor onto the outside edge of each page (creating a flip out page) so that each week you had extra work surface... glad I only did one! (this one).  I quickly discovered that the paper in the moleskin calendar is HORRIBLE for any kind of doodling because it is so thin that EVERYTHING but pencil shows through on the other side!!!  UGH!!!  So, instead of adding the extra paper to the edge so that it flips out I am going to tape it down onto the lined journaling side, thus covering up anything done on the opposite side.  I'll show what I am doing with it now in a future post, I just wanted to share the "Don't Quit" today.

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