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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Filling the Space With Words

A while back I bought a book called "Love Your Handwriting".  Actually, it came with a book and a that I'm more interested I can't find the actual book but I started the workbook anyway.

The third exercise in the workbook was to fill up boxes that were on the page with words... so, I did:

I didn't want to just use random words so I first started with words from the Beatitudes, like meek (there is another page not here with more)... I pulled up a dictionary online and got synonyms for the word meek and filled a block with those words.  Then, I did the opposite of the word in another square.  The next few blocks I just used words from different scriptures.

Basically, the idea is to fill the box with different shaped words...fat, thin, tall, wide, script....I chose to double up (at least) on each word... write it then write over it again.  I just like that look.  I don't know, to me that makes a normal, everyday handwriting look more "artsy"....In MY opinion anyway.

Just so you guys know... I am slow getting around to writing in the blog because my blog app on my iPad has been down for upgrade, forever it seems.  I don't know why she took it down completely but I had gotten to where that was the only way I would blog, I don't come up to my office much anymore soooo, sorry for the long delays.


  1. Nancy. Love this post, love this blog, love these words, love YOU! What a breath of fresh, encouraging spring air you are in this sometimes stuffy, dark internet-art-blog world. Never stop. I don't say much, but I'm always here following, reading, thanking God and you in my heart! ♥

    1. Ann!! THANK YOU! I can't tell you how often I think, "Why bother"? Because I honestly do feel like no one is reeeally out there reading THANK YOU!!! I am delighted to share what I do with you. :-) God is so good! He knew I needed encouragement so today you were used by our God to nudge me on...thanks for hearing His voice and following through!



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